The Root Beer Store
"Wine Less, Smile More, Drink Root Beer!

The Root Beer Store – Our History

Our owner

For generations making homemade root beer has been a fun family tradition. This tradition is the “root” of The Root Beer Store’s history. Its Founder, Corey Anderson, enjoyed making root beer as a kid with his family--utilizing the yeast method of carbonating. Using this method causes bottles to expand then break if not cared for properly, there are many great stories going back generations of Anderson’s family bottling root beer only to have them explode, and what kid doesn’t love exploding bottles? Great memories!

Anderson worked for more than 20 years owning and operating other small businesses while raising his family. Finally, the day-to-day operations were being managed to a point where he had the time to try something new, something he really “wanted” to do for a career. It wasn’t long before The Root Beer Store was born.

Initially Anderson thought he would develop and bottle his own brand of root beer. He called it The James Caliber Soda Company. In an effort to develop the concept, Anderson traveled to California to shadow an industry expert, during which time he was introduced to 30 or 40 different brands of root beer. Having recently mailed his father a variety pack of 12 different root beers for Christmas, the idea of offering multiple root beer brands to the public was born. The James Caliber Root Beer project was put on hold, and The Root Beer Store was open for business.

Anderson was not new to niche marketing, oddly enough he was very successful selling Ostrich Feather Dusters in the U.S. and internationally. The idea of offering just root beer and related products did not seem too far-fetched.

Our First Store in Redmond

The first store was opened in Redmond and over time the selection of root beer brands grew from 30 to over 110 different brands of root beer lining the shelves in the store. This does not include diet beverages, the single root beers like birch beer, ginger beers, sarsaparillas, or the array of fruity, retro and “weird” sodas like the popular bacon soda.

Our Lynnwood Store

The idea caught on and within two years of opening the Redmond store the Lynnwood store was born and customers now come from all across the country to see our root beer selection.” Each brand has a history and a great story to tell,” says Anderson, “combined with the branding, the labels, and the hobby of making root beer, there is a great culture out there that we are excited to promote.” Working at The Root Beer Store is fun! The people that come in share their stories revel in the memories that the different sodas bring back and are excited about the future of the store.

Our Lynnwood location includes ice cream, desserts, and hot dogs, along with keg rentals, birthday parties, private tasting events, root beer garden events, etc.

Our Puyallup Store

The Puyallup store is located on Meridian in the South Hill area, and is our largest store to date. We have soda sales there currently, and are prepping for getting in ice cream and pizza.